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3.5 Pocket Fitness Sorter

  • Separate FIT/UNFIT/ATM quality notes in 1 pass
  • Upgradable for new series notes and/or counterfeits in the future (via LAN or USB)
  • Dual Full line CIS (Contact Image sensor), Full line Infrared, Full line Magnetic (16 channel), Ultraviolet reflection x 1 (6 channel), and Florescence x 4 sensors ensure ultra-reliable valuation and detection of counterfeits and “super” counterfeits, and consistent fitness sorting
  • Tape sensor for FIT/UNFIT/ATM sorting
  • Optional Serial Number capture feature
  • Optional Barcode scanning feature

Up to 10 currencies


ECB Approved

Full Line Magnetic Sensor
IR Transmission Full Image
UV Reflection x 4
Fluorescence x 4
Value Counting 1,000 notes/min
Fitness Sorting 700 notes/min
Serial Number 500 notes/min
Hopper 600 notes
Stacker x 3 200 notes
Reject Pocket 100 notes
534(W) x 454(D) x 481(H) mm
Power Supply
Voltage 100 ~ 240V AC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Current Max 1.2A
Operation Condition
Temperature 5~35℃
Weight  Net : 47 Kg, Gross : 57 Kg
  • Various PC application programs (Serial Manager, Cyber Operator)
  • Various data interfaces (LAN, USB, RS232C, Video Out)